How to clean jewelry with bicarbonate?

If your jewelry is dirty, there's no need to buy a special cleaner. A little baking soda is all it takes to restore their shine. How to clean jewelry with baking soda? Gold, silver or gold-plated jewelry, follow the GOLDMARKET guide.

Cleaning jewelry with bicarbonate: preparation

To begin, pour a cup of hot water into a bowl. The bowl you choose should be the right size for your jewelry. Generally speaking, to clean a few pieces of jewelry with bicarbonate, 250 ml of hot water is enough. For larger necklaces, you'll need a little more water. You can use hot tap water directly, or heat it in the microwave (for about 30 seconds). Now add five to ten grams of baking soda - that's one or two teaspoons. Mix everything together in the bowl. The bicarbonate should dissolve in the hot water.

Cleaning jewelry with bicarbonate: preparation

Dip the jewelry to be cleaned into the solution. Your items should be completely immersed in the water and bicarbonate. Leave them to soak for at least five to ten minutes to give the solution time to work. Mixed with water, bicarbonate removes the dirt and debris that accumulate and encrust jewelry surfaces.

Cleaning jewelry with bicarbonate: the right gestures

The cleaning doesn't stop there. After rinsing your jewelry thoroughly in cold, clear water, you should notice that it looks almost as good as new. If your jewelry is small (such as rings and earrings), we recommend rinsing it in a bowl of cool water.

This will prevent your jewelry from slipping out of your hands. Finally, gently dry your clean jewelry. To do this, use a dry towel, cloth or even a sheet of paper towel. This will allow you to remove any excess water still present on the jewelry. It's best to dry your jewelry as soon as you've rinsed it, to keep it in optimum condition. Now you can wear your jewelry again, or place it in your jewelry box.

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